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Evoweb are providing the services for VR Virtual Reality mixed reality content development design and creation. We provide one stop services with all the hardware devices provided for VR content.


What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Let's Come Into a 3D Virtual World

Virtual Reality (VR) is unique from other mixed realities because it allows a user to be fully immersed in a virtual scene or experience. Those headsets shine lights directly into your eyes to immerse you in a 3D virtual world. They show slightly different images to your left and right eye to give you a depth sensation.


But they do not let your eyes focus on nearby objects which often causes visual discomfort. Whether 360° video or a 3D rendered environment, our expert team creates one of a kind VR experiences for.


How could VR benefits your business?

Fist of all, its through the content we created for you

Create Virtual Prototype of Your Product

Gone are the days where you need to pay for manufacturing just to get an idea of what your product would look like from every angle and how it might work. Instead, you can user virtual reality to create a virtual model of your product and make necessary changes before actually paying for production.

Virtually Engineer Designs

For engineers, architects or other professionals whose work includes building or engineering large structures, virtual reality can help to save time and money. Instead of using small models or two-dimensional renderings, you can use immersive, three-dimensional technology to design and replicate structures.

Offer Virtual Tours of a Location

Say you’re a real estate agent showing houses to potential buyers. Maybe your buyers are in a different state or just don’t want to spend the time going from house to house if they’re not at all interested in that particular style. Using VR can give customers an idea of what the home looks like in a 3D setting, without requiring the user to actually be in the space.

Let Customers See All Angles of a Product

When you’re listing a product for sale that customers don’t necessarily get to physically touch before buying, it’s important to show them as many angles of the product as possible so they can get a feel for what it’s actually like. But with virtual reality, you can give customers who have access to the technology an even better idea of what your product is like.

Give Customers a Taste of Adventure

If you have any sort of tourism or adventure-based business, you can use virtual reality to give customers a taste of what they can expect if they visit your attractions. For example, if you have an amusement park and want to get customers’ attention so that they choose to visit, you can offer a short virtual reality version of one or your rides so people can see if they’d like it.

Create Interactive Games

One of the more conventional ways that you can take advantage of virtual reality platforms is by creating interactive games. Nowadays the markets needs somethings special to inpired consumer engaged to your products and brands, create something fun is really important which could attract consumers directly.