About EVOWEB Sdn. Bhd.

Here's our about us content with our story.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are your wise choice of multimedia content creation’s expertise.



We are the pioneered multimedia software development company in Malaysia and we offer the latest tech, most extensive content library, and the expertise to drive efficient, ROI-driven commercial multimedia conten.


Evoweb Sdn Bhd has always been about development – both in terms of business and as a company. Being one of the leaders in the creative and multimedia industry, we aim to help globalise your business. From developing website to graphic designs, or even mobile applications, we are capable of handling them all.


Moreover, complex and more advanced multimedia applications are main of our expertise as well. Systems such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and, Hologram/Holographic Development are just some of the prime examples of what we are able to achieve easily. As these are some of the current market trends that are taking off internationally, various well-known brands have already been involved in it. Thus, increasing brand awareness and achieve a higher ROI.


With more than a decade of experience and our skillful oversea partner, we are so confident that we can help boost both engagement and brand awareness through our extensive range of immersive services. Which is why, you can put your trust in Evoweb Sdn Bhd as we are extremely excited to be working with you.

Our Purpose

We have two primary reasons of existing. And they are at the  heart of everything we do:

  • To provide the most immersive, interactive, exciting advanced, and entertaining experiences within multimedia software content.
  • To be the one who you would choose to provide all the multimedia software development to drive optimal results –  for your customers & your business.

Our Promise

We will only offer what we feel is best for your business, your customers. We will provide ongoing, tireless support to ensure optimized results with your business venture. We honor the tireless pursuit of innovation to offer you the latest and most entertaining solutions within the Multimedia content creation.

Our Mission

We aim to elevate our clients’ business marketing abilities while surpassing all possible competitors.



Our Vision

We believe that we will grow big as a group who can be the one you would looking for A-Z services key agency.

  • 2019

    This is the very mature year for us since its been 5yrs ago we builded our team. Continuous to provide our best services for the market.
    In this year, our Evomapping company is formed.

  • 2018

    It’s a very break through year for us, we have served all the corporate client this year. And we grow quite a number for our team members.

    In the mean time, we are also got into Insights Success Magazine Top 50 Best Companies to Watch 2018.

  • 2017

    We are proud that we been awarded Top-25 AR/VR technology solution provider in 2017.

    Evoweb Sdn Bhd Certification - <p>We are proud that we been awarded Top-25 AR/VR technology solution provider in 2017.</p>
  • 2016

    Started to have a KL office since our HQ in Melaka. This is also the time that our Evosoluz Company is formed.

  • 2015

    Small team building but its worth it! In the time of still educating the market.

  • 2014

    Two of founders with years experience in Multimedia software content creation industry who decided to come back from Taiwan and start up this business and they believed could bring a breakthrough for the Malaysian market.